Mendizabal | Brand Identity

The main objective of this project is to design the branding of the Mendizabal cider house.

The branding must be innovative with a traditional brushstroke, in turn highlighting the philosophy of Mendizabal, at the same time that it helps to position itself in the market place that it wants to reach.

The main objective in turn carries several sub-objectives with it, it has to analyze what is booming today in the world of cider, txakoli and wine, as well as identify the most direct competition of Mendizabal and position it to know what can make Mendizabal stand out.

To do this, it is necessary to know the psychology of color, to adequately retransmit the Mendizabal ideology.

The dimensions and relationship between them of the entire visualization must be investigated, in order that what is created is coherent.

Finally, it is of interest to generate files where the use and application of all the previous points analyzed are shown and where the decisions taken during branding are collected.